Ice Bins / Cocktail Stations

Hotel Restaurant Supply offers an impressive selection of ice bins/cocktail stations for any business or establishment in need, from restaurants to hotels, bars, and country clubs.

From industry-leading brands such as Advance Tabco, BK Resouces, Eagle, Glastender, John Boos, Krowne and more, you can choose the perfect solution for your space, whether you require a more compact and lightweight unit, or larger ice bins/cocktail stations, perfect for busy commercial kitchens.

Our high-quality ice bins/cocktail stations come in a variety of materials – stainless steel & galvanized, or stainless steel construction – to ensure durability and hygienic use. Furthermore, they are designed with adjustable legs and backsplash to ensure an optimum fit, and many models include removable drainboards or ice trays, perfect for specific storage needs. To ensure accessibility and easy storage, our ice bins/cocktail stations cover a range of widths, from 1” to 99”.

At Hotel Restaurant Supply, we understand the importance of fast and efficient service, and our selection of ice bins/cocktail stations can make all the difference in a busy service environment. Not only will you be able to reduce wait times and prepare food more effectively and quickly, but with a range of features such as easy-to-clean surfaces, you can be sure that your ice bins/cocktail stations are equipped with all the necessary tools for maximum performance.

No matter the size or needs of your business, Hotel Restaurant Supply is here to help you make an educated and sensible purchase when it comes to ice bins/cocktail stations. From casual dining to commercial kitchen settings, our selection of ice bins/cocktail stations can provide an effective and efficient solution for any business striving to give their customers the best service possible. With several different brands and models to choose from, our ice bins/cocktail stations cover a wide range of capabilities – from light-weight parts to heavy-duty materials and widths – making sure that you can always find the perfect fit.