Kettles, Skillets, & Steamers

Kettles, skillets and steamers are essential pieces of equipment for any commercial kitchen. Restaurant-grade items are the best choice for efficiency, convenience, and of course, delicious results.

At, businesses, restaurants, hotels, bars, and country clubs are presented with high quality kettles, skillets, and steamers from the top brands such as Crown, Groen, Vulcan and Market Forge. Each professional grade appliance is designed to make the cooking process easier and faster, perfect for busy restaurants and kitchens.

Kettles come in a variety of models, from direct steam kettles to electric tilting kettles and every type in between. Made to provide energy efficiency, kettles provide fine control over cooking and liquids with less effort than other appliances. Not to be confused with kettle mixers, which are actually hybrid double-boiler/stockpot devices to enhance potato, soup, and other dishes. All of these devices come in gas, direct steam, direct, electric, twin unit direct and twin unit electric options; with manual or timer-controlled models available.

Tilting skillets provide another way to prepare large quantities of food in record time. From electric, countertop, or gas-powered models, these skillets provide a braising pan for precooked meats like hamburger, sausage, or bacon. For an even more involved cooking process, steamers are the perfect choice. They range from gas pressure models to electric and dual-pressure equipment. These types of steamers can quickly expand a kitchen’s menu options for faster, high-quality results.

All of these pieces of commercial cooking equipment are designed with stainless steel exteriors for superior quality and modern appeal. They are made to withstand the heavy-duty operations of a large production kitchen and offer convenience that standard stoves can’t provide. When searching for the right concession equipment and supplies, always keep in mind the quality, purpose and need to fit in the set budget and space. provides the best products and services, and makes finding the perfect addition to the commercial kitchen easy.