Ice Dispensers

Make your restaurant, bar, or cafe efficient and easy to manage with commercial ice dispensers from HotelRestaurantSupply. com. We offer state-of-the-art dispensers from top brands such as Eurodib, Ice-O-Matic, Manitowoc Ice, Scotsman, Summit Commercial.

All of these dispensers are designed using the latest in high-grade materials and special attention has been paid to ensure each model is highly reliable and durable, for an easy-to-manage solution that lasts for years and years.

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, bar, country club, or any other type of facility, our ice dispensers will be sure to meet your needs. Each dispenser comes with a range of features such as locking mechanisms and light-weight design, making it easy to transport and store in the area of your choice. All of our dispensers are made with superior insulation to keep the ice supply fresh and safe, while also draining the melted ice quickly and easily so it’s always ready for the next batch.

At, we are dedicated to providing the very best in commercial ice dispensers, so you can rest assured knowing that you will always have the highest quality and most efficient product available. We have a customer service team that is always on hand to provide guidance and assistance whenever needed.

We offer a wide selection of highly reliable and durable commercial ice dispensers for every use. Choose from counter, countertop, and floor models with capacity ranging from 81lbs – 399lbs. All of our dispensers are made of the highest quality materials to ensure they are highly reliable and durable while providing efficient and safe operation. At HotelRestaurantSupply. com, you can find a dispenser that fits your needs, whether it’s for an industrial-sized restaurant, for a small hotel, or for a compact bar.

Our commercial ice dispensers come equipped with a range of features, such as locking mechanisms, easy to clean designs, quick draining of old melted ice, and most of all, superior insulation to keep your ice supply fresh and safe. Make the most of your business and let us provide you with the best quality commercial ice dispensers available. Browse our selection today and find the perfect ice dispenser for your business!