Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets

Are you looking for a dependable and high-quality unit to keep your ice cream hardening quickly and evenly? Look no further than Global Refrigeration's Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets! These reliable cabinets are easy to use and maintain, guaranteeing a perfect experience every time with a range of sizes to choose from and a digital temperature control with LED display.

These powerful and efficient cabinets harden both gelato and ice cream quickly and effectively to prevent ice crystals from forming and allows for quick recovery of frozen desserts. With a temperature control range from 0 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and a range in sizes from 27. 3 Cu Ft to 49. 1 Cu Ft, you can easily find the perfect option for your business needs. The sleek exterior of the cabinets is a combination of galvanized steel and a powder coat paint, giving it an attractive and durable finish. The interior is designed with galvanized steel for long-term use.

Each cabinet features digital temperature control with an LED display for easy viewing, as well as a variety of features to customize your hardening process. This includes adjustable shelving, adjustable hardened cycle timers, and adjustable shelf-by-shelf hardening times. Plus, the cabinet also has removable and adjustable end panels so you can customize it exactly to your business needs.

For businesses with strict energy efficiency regulations, the Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets from Global Refrigeration are the perfect choice. It is Energy Star qualified and consumes low energy, allowing you to harden your ice cream and gelato without blowing your budget. It is also equipped with adjustable forced-air systems, helping to maintain proper air-flow and temperature in the cabinet.

Rest assured knowing that your ice cream and gelato will come out perfectly formed and hardened each time with Global Refrigeration's Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets. With its variable sizing and digital temperature control with LED display, you can easily customize each hardening session to your exact needs. Plus, its sleek, galvanized steel exterior and interior gives the cabinets a modern, attractive look that will fit in perfectly with any restaurant, bar, or country club design. Make sure your customers get the perfect frozen treat every time and shop Global Refrigeration's Ice Cream Hardening Cabinet today!