Design of any hotel or restaurant area not only requires good planning and efficient use of space, it requires investment in the physical assets that will become a part of the interior and exterior spaces. Purchasing furniture for an establishment, whether an indoor lobby or poolside patio or dining area, the design you choose defines the character not only of the space, but of the establishment itself. Let us help you create a beautiful and functional facility without breaking the bank to do it.

  • Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor Furniture

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    Outdoor furniture is a must for your restaurant or hotel patio. However, the type of furniture you will require for your establishment depends on your theme, your space, and the type of environment you would like to create for your customers. Regardless of the type of outdoor furniture you have in mind, you are certain to find exactly what you need right here. covers both your basic and specialty needs. Browse our selection of products that include dividers, tables, chairs, bar stools, benches, chaise lounges, umbrellas, and more.  We'll help you create the perfect patio!

  • Chairs & Accessories

    Chairs & Accessories

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    Seating, as with many other furniture choices for your establishment, defines the character, feel and utility of a space. Whether purchasing furniture for an indoor dining area or pool-side patio, you will find the commercial chairs for sale you need right here. From casual stacking chairs to formal dining room seating, we have the restaurant chairs you need to tie your space together. We also carry outdoor lounge chairs and chaises and accessories. Looking for other styles of seating for a bar or grill? Take a look at our great selection of counter seating, bar stools and accessories.

  • Bar Stools

    Bar Stools

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    Everyone loves their local sports bar and grill, and part of what makes visiting a local bar or grill is the atmosphere. Bar stools are not only functional, they allow restaurant guests to relax in a less formal setting, enjoying good food and good company while watching their favorite ball game or other sporting event. To accommodate your guests, we offer a variety of commercial bar stools for sale as well as stacking chairs and the accessories needed to make your bar or grill the talk of the town! And be sure to browse our great line of bar supplies and accessories to really give your space that signature look.

  • Tables


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    <p>Are the tables in your facility wobbly and uneven? Are your table tops looking ragged and worn? Or perhaps you are looking to renovate your entire dining area? You may not have to buy all new furniture if you don't mind investing a little elbow grease to upgrade your space. At Hotel Restaurant Supply we can provide you with all the replacement parts you need to get your furniture looking and functioning like new. </p>

  • Booths & Benches

    Booths & Benches

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    For a more casual setting in your hotel lobby, restaurant or other dine in facility, we offer a huge selection of backless or supported seating products ideal for any space. Indoor and outdoor folding and or molded bench seating, dining room booths or individual benches, waiting benches for any space, or even picnic style tables for use just about anywhere. These products will really dress up any space!

  • Banquet & Conference Furniture

    Banquet & Conference Furniture

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    Planning a large international conference? Perhaps a banquet for your employees and staff? Let us help you organize and design the event with our superb selection of tables, podiums and lecturns, stage and platform equipment, and the mobility equipment needed to easily transport, set up and strike the room or hall afterwards. If you are putting on a more personal affair, such as a wedding, birthday or family reunion, feel free to browse our great selection of reception furniture and accessories.

  • Dance Floors & Accessories

    Dance Floors & Accessories

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    View our selection of commercial dance flooring for sale. We carry a variety of sizes to fit small banquet space to large conference and event spaces.

  • Hostess / Valet  / Reception Stands

    Hostess / Valet / Reception Stands

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    From the front door to the banquet hall, we have the items you are looking for. Mobile and stationary desks, podiums and reception desks are all a part of most restaurant and hotel facilities, and we have a huge selection of styles and types from which to choose. We offer basic mobile cashier stands to front lobby hostess and maitre d stations, valet stations and wait stations for servers and wait staff. Need the products to stock the station of your choice? We even carry office supplies!

  • Tray Stands

    Tray Stands

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    Various styles of tray stands. These folding stands are great for serving or bussing. Different designs and sizes.

    • Doors & Accessories

      Doors & Accessories

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      Looking for new or replacement door for your restaurant facility? Updating or designing a new kitchen space? We have some great door and accessory products to fit the bill. Everything you need to clean up and repair those dingy or poor performance items, such as new door gaskets, door replacement parts, kick plates, bumpers and stops, or even new cabinet doors for undercounter storage spaces.

    • Signage


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      As your hotel or restaurant guests arrive, the first thing most will do is look for signs that indicate where they should go for check in or registration. Help guide your customers to the concession area or front office, in-hotel dining or recreation areas, or inform them of restaurant specials or entertainment events with any of our great signage products. From chalkboards to corkboards and other messaging centers, to menus and letter box displays, Hotel Restaurant Supply has what you need to keep your clientele up to date and in the know!

    • Youth Seating

      Youth Seating

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      If some of your restaurant guests are toddlers and young children, you need to make sure your restaurant is equipped with the proper seating furniture to accommodate your tiny customers. We are pleased to supply you with a fantastic selection of youth seating that will allow you to offer children comfortable and secure seating options that will provide parents with peace of mind, making everyone happy. Choose from quality items, such as restaurant high chairs and booster seats.

      • Office Supplies

        Office Supplies

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        All levels of hotel and restaurant management require office supplies. From the front desk to the back office, and even in room guest amenities, we can provide everything from clipboards to calculators, staples to scissors, envelopes to employee training manuals, even office furniture and room accessories!

      • Furniture Glides

        Furniture Glides

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        Furniture glides are a great way to keep your chairs and tables level and your floors protected from scrapes and scratches. Also, depending on the glide, these items can make hotel and restaurant furniture easier to move and, in some cases, even improve sturdiness. We offer a great selection of glides that are suitable for the feet of all different types of furniture. Save your floors and improve upon the functionality of your dining room furnishings with our furniture glides.

        • Partitions & Fencing

          Partitions & Fencing

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          When designing a space for a special event or when the need arises to delineate separate dining or guest areas, we can help with our partitions and fencing products. For use indoors or out, we have interlocking fence panels which can be dressed up with artwork, floral arrangements or other d&233;cor, as well as curtain hanging systems. Use these items with creative seating placement to designate where your guests can gather and socialize or just relax for and enjoy a quiet meal.

          • Furniture Reception Packages

            Furniture Reception Packages

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            Entertaining a large gathering? Planning a wedding or a family reunion, or even a great New Years Eve party? We can supply you with all the great event furniture and accessories needed to make weddings, banquets, and conferences a great success at your venue! From tables and seating to dance floors and lighting, we have what you are looking for right here. Need something a little more formal? Check out our line of banquet and conference furniture.