Frost Top

Browse our frost tops for sale. These restaurant kitchen appliances can be used to keep food cold and ready to serve. Cold Slabs are great for ice cream, salads, cold cuts and much more. has a great selection of frost tops for sale, perfect for businesses and restaurants of all types - from hotels, bars, and country clubs to restaurant supplies.

These restaurant kitchen appliances can be used to keep food cold and ready to serve – everything from ice cream to salads, cold cuts, and more. Our selection consists of frost tops from top brands like Altas Metal, Hatco, Piper, Spring USA, and Vollrath, with models in side to side widths ranging from 30 inches and under to 120 inches.

They’re available in stainless steel material, with some models that come with self-contained refrigeration or auto defrost. Depending on your needs, you can choose between models that are drop-in or not drop-in.

With a wide selection of frost tops from top brands at HotelRestaurantSupply. com, you can easily purchase a unit to fit your needs. Our frost tops are reliable, durable and stylish, perfect for any kitchen. Whether you’re in need of a self-contained or auto defrost unit, we have the perfect solution for you. They’re perfect for any busy commercial environment, and our frost tops are easy to install and operate.

Whether you need to keep food cold for your customers or a business, a frost top from HotelRestaurantSupply. com provides the quality and performance you’re looking for. With our low prices and great customer service, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal when purchasing a frost top or any other restaurant-grade equipment.