Display Cases

For business and restaurant owners, looking for an attractive and functional way to showcase their products and treats, HotelRestaurantSupply.com has an impressive selection of commercial display cases.

These cases are suited to businesses of all sizes including restaurants, hotels, bars, and country clubs. Choose from a range of models including refrigerated display cases, hot pie merchandisers, heated display cases for deli, and display cases for refrigerated sushi. With brands like Beverage Air, Howard McCray, Hydra-Kool, Federal, Everest, Skyfood, and Turbo Air, customers are sure to find the perfect display case for their business.

The most basic and popular style is the traditional refrigerated display case with hinged glass doors and all-white exterior and interior. The light of the case gives food or merchandise a glossy, alluring quality that will draw customers in. Available in all-white and a variety of stainless steel and aluminum-cased models, these cases come with either remote refrigeration or self-contained refrigeration. All models come with digital thermostats for precise temperature control as well as LED illuminated shelving for a sparkling, eye-catching display.

For restaurants, bars, and hotels selling fresh bakery and pastry items, the hot pie merchandiser can help keep customers' favorite items warm and fresh. With its adjustable shelves, the quick heat-up times, and adjustable thermostat, the hot pie merchandiser can keep pies, cookies, and other delectables at just the right temperature for hours. Customers can also find a heated display case for deli with adjustable shelves, digital thermostats, excellent temperature control.

Finally, for those businesses specializing in sushi or other cold deli items, HotelRestaurantSupply.com offers a variety of display cases for refrigerated sushi. These display cases come with sliding glass doors in plain shells, elegant black, and stainless-steel finishes. They also boast digital thermostats as well as fan-forced air cooling and low-flow air curtains. Models come with bright lighting perfect for illuminating the store's signature items.

No matter the brand or the size, the commercial display cases from HotelRestaurantSupply.com feature high-grade construction, sleek, modern design, and the latest in temperature-control technology. Customers can find the perfect case for their business and ensure that their customers are presented with delicious, expertly-displayed foods, drinks, and desserts.