Direct Draw Beer Dispensers

Commercial beer dispensers make serving beer to your customers a hassle-free breeze. You don&39;t need to worry about opening cans or bottles. Simply pick up the glass and fill it right from the dispenser. We have a variety of commercial beer dispensers and direct draw beer dispensers that will complement your bar. Our dispensers feature different keg capacities and are available in more than one type of exterior finish, so you can choose the one that will fit in the nicest with your bar&39;s design. Find all the bar supplies you could need for your bar, hotel or restaurant at HRS.

Are you looking for a commercial beer dispenser that simplifies serving beer to your customers? At Hotel Restaurant Supply, we have a variety of commercial direct draw beer dispensers that will make it a breeze to serve your customers quickly and efficiently.

Our selection of kegs and dispensers feature different capacities and are available in several exterior finishes, including all black, all stainless steel, and black/stainless steel.

We offer the leading brands, including Beverage Air, Glastender and Everest, with a range from one through 18 faucets and other features. Our dispensers feature robust construction and a rugged design to stand up to all your busy and bustling environments.

They use a direct-draw system that can be tailored to fit your needs and keep your beer cold, crisp and refreshing. You’ll love using our easy-to-install and easy-to-control systems.

We have everything you need to keep your beer-serving business running smoothly and efficiently without having to worry about managing cans or bottles. Our beer dispensers are perfect for restaurants and bars, and ideal for serving traditional beer, cider, and even wine so you can offer your customers a wide variety of their favorite beverages.

Whether you’re setting up for your first tailgate party and need a few taps or you’re an established business in search of an efficient way of serving beer, you’ll find the perfect direct draw beer dispenser to meet all your needs. With a large selection, numerous options and plenty of customer support, you’ll find the perfect beer dispenser at Hotel Restaurant Supply. So come find all of your bar supplies to ensure your bar, hotel, or restaurant runs smoothly with one of our commercial or direct draw beer dispensers.