Chip Warmer

Nacho chip warmers, top loading, first in first out designs. Adjustable.

A chip warmer can make all the difference in a restaurant kitchen setting. From making it easier to access chips, to reducing wait time and staff fatigue, a well-designed chip warmer helps make a restaurant more efficient and profitable. At Hotel Restaurant Supply, we understand the need for quality restaurant supplies, and therefore offer a wide selection of chip warmers.

Whether you’re looking for a bulk chip warmer for a large commercial kitchen, or a more compact model for a smaller restaurant setup, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer a variety of models from a number of renowned brands, such as Vulcan Hart, Carter Hoffman, Hatco, Omcan, Winco and more, so you can find the best chip warmer for your needs.

Our selection of chip warmers are available in several materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum & stainless steel and are designed in different styles to help you organize and store your food efficiently. Our top fill bin design allows you to easily access chips in bulk without having to worry about fatigue, while our front and rear load with dispensing door options can help you serve chips instantly and with minimal wait time.

No matter the size and style of your restaurant, we have the perfect chip warmer for you. Built with adjustable thermostats, condensation collectors and illuminated panels, our chip warmers not only keep your chips hot, but help make your food prep process easier and faster. Our models also come with durable doors, independent latches and well-insulated walls to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

When choosing the perfect chip warmer for your restaurant, it’s important to select the right model to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a large chip warmer for commercial kitchens, or a more compact model for a more intimate restaurant, Hotel Restaurant Supply has the perfect chip warmer for you. Our selection of top quality restaurants supplies from renowned brands can help you reduce wait time and fatigue in your kitchen, while also making sure that you serve your customers the best chips possible. With our selection of chip warmers in various sizes and styles, you can make sure that your restaurant runs efficiently and profitably.