What to Consider When Setting Up a Restaurant or Hotel Bar

What to Consider When Setting Up a Restaurant or Hotel Bar
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What to Consider When Setting Up a Restaurant or Hotel Bar

A bar is a common feature of many full-service restaurants and hotels. It is an ideal and comfortable place where customers can drink, eat, wait for their dinner companions or wait to be seated. The size, style and theme of a bar is often determined based on the size of the space, the decor of the restaurant and the personal preference of the owner. Therefore, the type of bar supplies and equipment that will be required for setting up a bar will vary depending on the requirements of the establishment.

With that in mind, the following are some important factors potential restaurant or hotel owners should take into account when considering how to set up their bar:

  • Decide the location of the bar.

    Where the bar is situated in the restaurant alters its purpose and primary function. For instance, a bar that is placed in the restaurant”s center makes it easily accessible to staff, which is very beneficial during lunch and dinner rushes. On the other hand, bars located near the entrance serve as an ideal waiting area for patrons. Meanwhile, a bar placed in the back provides a more intimate setting because it is away from the commotion of the most traveled and active areas.

  • Determine how much space you have for the bar.

    How many customers would you like to accommodate? To give you an idea in terms of figuring out how much space you have to work with, ideally there should be a two foot gap between each bar stool. Hence, if you would like to have six stools at the bar, you will require a bar that is a minimum of 16 feet in length.

  • Bars require their own restaurant supplies and equipment.

    Bars need many of their own appliances, storage and cleaning products separate from other restaurant equipment that may be located in the kitchen or other areas within the establishment. Examples of items that may be necessary include – but are certainly not limited to: coolers, liquor wells, paper towel dispensers, ice bins, dry storage, wine racks, glass racks, cleaning supplies, shelf liners, and much, much more.

  • Obtain the proper liquor licenses you require.

    There is more than one liquor license you can obtain and not all of them will cover all alcoholic beverages. Since this is the case, determine what types of alcohol you will have available and attain the appropriate license(s) to prevent trouble with the law.

A bar can be highly beneficial to a restaurant or a hotel depending on its design and how it is utilized to serve customers. When you know what type of service you would like to provide, you will have a better idea of the bar supplies you will need to ensure your bar is a success.