Sunday Brunch – Popular, Polyphagous, and Profitable

Sunday Brunch – Popular, Polyphagous, and Profitable
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Sunday Brunch – Popular, Polyphagous, and Profitable

Merriam-Webster – Definition of brunch
noun: a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch.

Almost 120 years ago, long before anyone waited in line to feast on eggs benedict and French toast, the word brunch appeared in print for the first time in the United States. “The latest ‘fad’ is to issue invitations for a meal called ‘brunch…a repast at 11 o’clock a.m.,” a column in the New Oxford, an old Pennsylvania newspaper, explained in 1896. Originally conceived for the wealthy as a drawn-out, elaborate affair, brunch, like a runny egg, soon dribbled out into the mainstream.

Today, brunch is big business. One way you can gauge the success of something in today’s digital world is to see how often it is searched on Google. The word “brunch” is hot:

People, especially millennials, are eating out. A lot. See this Forbes article: New Study Finds Millennials Spend 44 Percent Of Food Dollars On Eating Out

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So, now you’re hungry and you want brunch. Here is Open Table’s 100 Best Brunch Restaurants for 2017

Finally, you may be wondering what polyphagous means. We needed a third adjective starting with “p” in order to maintain an alliterative tone and tempo for the blog post title. According to Merriam-Webster: polyphagous – adjective – feeding on or utilizing many kinds of food.