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Keep Restaurant Staff Safe with Personal Protective Equipment

Providing staff the proper restaurant equipment and supplies is vital for ensuring the wellbeing and safety of employees. More specifically, restaurants, hotels and just about every other place of business requires some degree of personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the risk of injury and keep workers as protected as possible from potential hazards.

Common injuries experienced by employees in commercial kitchens include burns, cuts & sprains

Restaurant supplies that can help safeguard staff from unnecessary injury are:

Gloves – there are different types of gloves that are required for various tasks, such as:

  • Dishwashing gloves

    Help protect the workers hands from hot water, as well as from abrasive chemicals that may be used in soaps and sanitizers.

  • Cut-resistant gloves

    Made from special, strong materials that help prevent skin from being accidentally sliced by sharp knives.

  • Freezer gloves

    Insulated gloves with good grips designed to shield the hands from frostbite, which can be a potential problem when spending a significant time in freezers or walk in refrigeration storage units.

Oven Mitts

Prevent burns and are primarily used for placing and removing hot items from ovens, handling hot plates or dealing with other hot food or restaurant equipment.


Not only does this PPE help keep a worker’s uniform clean, but it also provides an additional barrier between the employee’s body and dangerous substances, such as chemicals, hot grease and oils.

Anti-slip shoes

The floors in a kitchen restaurant are often slippery due to regular water and grease spills. Wearing safety footwear helps provide employees with better grip, assisting in the prevention of slipping and falling.

Other notable safety items that should be considered include:

Wet floor signs

Are essential for both your staff and your customers. It alerts people that the floor is wet, so they can avoid these areas or take extra caution when walking in these spots.

Slip-resistant mats

Ideal for kitchen floors or other high traffic areas in the restaurant where there is a greater possibility for slips and falls (i.e. front entrance/exit). These rubber mats not only offer better foot grip but provide a softer and more comfortable walking surface that gives the feet, knees and other joints better protection from strains and other similar injuries.

Keep in mind regardless of the personal protective restaurant supplies and equipment you provide your employees:

It is essential that your staff is educated on the importance of using safety gear and know how to use it properly.

Back Support Belt

Anti Slip Spray

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