Find the Perfect Tabletop Supplies for Your Restaurant or Hotel

Find the Perfect Tabletop Supplies for Your Restaurant or Hotel
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Find the Perfect Tabletop Supplies for Your Restaurant or Hotel

To ensure you provide your guests with a pleasant dining experience that is comfortable and accommodating, the following is what you need to think about when it comes to choosing tabletop restaurant supplies.

  • Décor – Cover your tables with the type of table cloth that best suits the decorations, theme, or color scheme of your establishment. For a clean and elegant look, choose solid colored table linens in white, cream, or black. If your restaurant is more lively, casual, or family-oriented, choose tablecloths that have more flare. Consider brighter colors and patterns that work with your theme. Covering your dining room tables is always a good idea as it will help protect them from scratches, stains, and other mishaps.
  • Atmosphere – What type of eating environment are you interested in creating? For intimate dining, be sure to add a candle or two as part of your tabletop accessories. Candles will help create the perfect ambience.
  • Smoking – If smoking is permitted anywhere inside or outside your restaurant or hotel establishment, make sure ashtrays are placed on the tables that are part of the smoking section. The presence of an ashtray lets customers know they are welcome to smoke.
  • Condiments – Think about what condiment items should be readily accessible on tables at all times. Although it will differ depending on the type of restaurant and what food is being served, examples of common table condiments include sugar, salt, pepper, ketchup, and vinegar. If you intend to make condiments available at the table, you’ll find all different types of condiment dispensers, containers, and caddies that will help you keep these items organized and convenient for customers to use.
  • Menus – If you plan to have a dessert menu, drink menu, or your regular menu as part of the table setup, make sure these menus are disposable or are covered and well protected from spills or grimy hands, and are easy to clean. Like your tablecloths, your menu should reflect the style of your restaurant.

Regardless of what tabletop items you think should be included in your dining room arrangement, avoid over cluttering your tables. Don’t forget, plates, drinking glasses, and cutlery also needs to comfortably fit. The trick is to keep your tabletops simple, practical, and functional.