Eight Simple Ways You Can Help Maintain Restaurant and Hotel Equipment

Eight Simple Ways You Can Help Maintain Restaurant and Hotel Equipment
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Eight Simple Ways You Can Help Maintain Restaurant and Hotel Equipment

To help ensure that your hotel and restaurant equipment remains in top working condition and lasts as long as possible, it is in your best interest to engage in daily preventative maintenance, as well as provide the equipment with thorough cleaning and servicing on a regular basis. It is important to be certain that your appliances and other commercial products are kept in good operation not only to obtain top performance from them, but also to make sure they are safe to use at all times.

Eight ways you can maintain and clean your restaurant equipment effectively and easily:

  1. Clean restaurant and hotel equipment every day.

    This is the best way to prevent a buildup of dirt that can result from grease and food spills. Not cleaning this mess can cause your equipment to wear down after awhile from food substances that are left to rot in the crevasses.

  2. Keep small restaurant equipment items tucked away when possible.

    Juicers, blenders, food processors, etc. should be stored on shelves or in cabinets when not in use, as this will help reduce the chances of these items becoming damaged or dirtied from spills or being knocked over.

  3. Carefully read the cleaning instructions that came with the equipment and follow them.

    Don’t use any cleaners that are not recommended to avoid causing damage.

  4. Follow cleaner directions.

    Just as you need to know what substances you can use to clean your restaurant supplies and equipment, you also need to be aware of how to use these products to ensure you are using them correctly for ideal results.

  5. Contact the manufacture if you are ever uncertain of proper cleaning procedures.

    The vast majority of manufacturers have the information you need and often have copies of maintenance manuals for older equipment models that are no longer made.

  6. Purchase restaurant equipment that has been designed for easy cleaning.

    Items that fall into this category are primarily those that can come apart and be assembled with ease.

  7. Create a cleaning schedule.

    Set a time to tend to all of your maintenance tasks such as checking refrigerator temperatures, calibrating ovens, de-scaling dishwashers, etc. By creating a schedule, you are less likely to forget to perform a certain duty.

  8. Have your restaurant equipment serviced regularly.

    Set up a service contract with a local service company or with the equipment manufacturer so your commercial equipment can be checked and maintained on a routine basis.

When you develop a habit of cleaning and servicing your restaurant equipment it will become a regular routine that will feel like second nature to you. It will also give you some peace of mind in knowing that your actions are helping to ensure you will be able to rely on your supplies and equipment for years to come.