Are You Delivering the Best Product Possible?

Are You Delivering the Best Product Possible?
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Are You Delivering the Best Product Possible?

The ease of online ordering is causing more people to eat in, a new study suggests, and if you’re a restaurateur that’s no reason to be glum. You’ll just have to prepare your business for more take-out and delivery!

Analysts from investment firm Cowen predict a massive 79 percent surge in food delivery over the next five years. For decades people who wanted a hot pizza or Asian food (the most popular) delivered to their home searched for the menu in their kitchen drawer and then picked up the phone to call and order. Today 43% of take-out and delivery orders are online and the number is going up every day.

Ease of ordering is a big reason consumers often choose one restaurant over another so you might be tied in with one of the platforms like Grubhub, UberEats, or Menufy. If you’re running your own show on your website that’s great but make sure you’re reaching out to your regular customers with special offers and coupons like the popular apps are.

What Foods Deliver Well and Not-So-Well?

Pizza, chicken wings, and fried rice were rated the best three foods for arriving at their destinations intact, hot, and very close to dining-in condition. Burgers and fries don’t usually fare as well and often get soggy a few minutes after leaving the kitchen. The key is proper packaging and a properly designed kitchen operation where delivery items are hustled into the proper containers and then sent out the door.

Ecological considerations are important because consumers are concerned about our planet and often appreciate recyclable or reusable containers for their food. is proud to offer a wide selection of products from the leading manufacturers of take-out and delivery containers including G.E.T. Enterprises.

We would love to be your source for quality take-out and delivery solutions, and we pledge superior customer service and very competitive prices. Click here to shop G.E.T. products and feel free to call us any time with questions. 800-931-0116