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Hotel Restaurant Supply Blog

What to Look for in a Reliable Restaurant Supply Store

Article Summaries: Running a restaurant is not easy. Every restaurant needs high-quality, well-functioning equipment and inventory to operate successfully. That’s why it’s so important to find a reliable restaurant supply store for that equipment and inventory. Every restaurant should look for a restaurant supply vendor with a convenient ecommerce platform. Finding a vendor that carries […]

Why Some Restaurants Fail

From the perspective of a diner there are few things that cause more disappointment than news that their favorite restaurant is closing. Shock is perhaps a better word than disappointment, especially when there are many good memories and tastes that explode in your mind when you just think about the food. So what causes a […]

Top 10 Comfort Foods

Why Do We Crave Comfort Food?

When the weather gets cold and gray people crave food that makes them feel comfortable and warm. Comfort food! Where did the term “comfort food come from? Comfort food is food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone, and may be characterized by its high caloric nature, high carbohydrate level, or simple preparation. The […]

An Efficient Kitchen is a Profitable Kitchen – Tips for Work Space Organization

The quote “time is money” is usually attributed to Ben Franklin, although there are earlier variations from others. We’re not going to worry about the source, but rather apply the principle to the most important area of any restaurant – the kitchen – and review some truths we have discovered in many years working with […]

All About Sommeliers

Have you ever felt intimidated by the responsibility of ordering wine from an extensive wine list at a very nice restaurant? You’re not alone, most people are not well-educated about fine wine and have no idea what is the right wine for a particular occasion, and how it will match with the food being ordered. […]

What Spices are the Most Popular?

Imagine eating food without spices. It would be terrible! We all have our own favorite spices and seasonings, but in the restaurant business you want to please as many people as possible so it’s not wise to go overboard on anything. Let’s take a moment to clear up one common misconception: Salt is not a […]

Are the Healthier Choices on Your Menu Really Healthy?

Most people can relate to starting a new fitness regimen or diet with positive expectations only to be told by a friend “oh my, that’s the worst thing you can do!” If you have two doctors even they may disagree on what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. When consumers go out to eat they look […]

What Country Drinks the Most Coffee? Coffee Supplies and Equipment from HRS

If you’re over 50 you may remember when the coffee section of your local supermarket stocked and sold about a half-dozen brands: Folger’s, Hills Brothers, MJB, Maxwell House, Chase & Sanborn, and A.& P brands. Today it might take an hour to count all the brands at a typical market as the competition for your […]

What’s a BTU and How Many Do You Need?

When we buy some appliances, we check to see if it fits our specifications, brand reliability, and of course the price. Many items from air conditioners to gas ranges are rated by BTU, the British Thermal Unit. What’s a BTU? British thermal units (BTU or Btu) are the units that measure the heat given off […]

Steps to Avoid Cutting Board Cross Contamination

Nothing will ruin a restaurant’s reputation than an outbreak of some food-borne illness, so following the basic rules every time, no matter how busy you are, is paramount. When juices from raw meats or germs from unclean objects accidentally touch cooked or ready-to-eat foods (such as fruits or salads), cross-contamination occurs. If not cleaned correctly, […]

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