Blast Chillers

Commercial blast chillers are highly convenient and useful. This type of commercial refrigeration equipment can be very beneficial to restaurants and other businesses within the food service industry. These refrigeration units use convected air and are designed to cool foods at a fast and efficient rate, keeping them at a safe temperature. The quick cooling efficiency of blast chillers is superior to standard commercial refrigerators, making it a top choice among many restaurant owners. You can choose from different models of commercial blast freezers to suit your establishment, including: countertop blast chiller freezers, roll-thru blast chillers, reach-in blast chillers, undercounter blast chillers, and more. is proud to offer an extensive selection of commercial refrigeration blast chillers to suit the needs of any food service establishment. With a wide range of brands – Beverage Air, Piper, Victory, and more – to choose from, these chillers come in either self-contained or remote (refrigeration not included) versions, to give you the flexibility you need.

Our selection of commercial blast chillers allows for a safe and quick cooling of food items, efficiently and consistently, every time. Our collection features top industry brands, giving you the assurance of a durable and reliable product that is designed to last.

The chillers offer a range of capacities, from 20lbs-149lbs, and a range of quantity of pans from 3 – 20 of the 12” X 20” pans, 15 of the 15” X 20” or 5 – 16 of the 18” X 26” pans. With a variety of customizable options, including digital temperature and timer settings, you have the ability to tailor the blast chilling cycle to meet the specific needs of your foodservice operation.

At, we understand the importance of energy efficiency and offer Energy Star certified products to ensure that you are using the most energy efficient chillers available. These Energy Star units are designed to save you time and money while delivering the same reliable performance you would expect from a commercial blast chiller.