Bar Glass Washers

Quality bar glass washers are a must for any bar business. Since commercial glassware products are one of the most important items in a bar, it should come as no surprise that taking good care of these beverage holders is extremely important, especially if you want them to last for a long time. Bar glass washers effectively clean glassware thoroughly but delicately, preventing scratches while at the same time providing the necessary sanitation. Browse our selection of bar glass washers to find the perfect washer to suit all your bar glassware needs.

Bar Maid® Glass Washer, upright, electric, 1/3 HP, (5) brushes ( (4) 6" & (1)
Bar Maid
Today's Price: $399.62 / Each

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Bar Maid® Submersible Glass Washer, 1/3 HP, (5) brushes ( (4) 6" & (1) 7-1/2")
Bar Maid
Today's Price: $509.82 / Each

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Glass Washer, manual, 3 brush
Today's Price: $7.62 / Each
Replacement Brush, 7" outside brush, for Redhead glass washer 555-00
Spill Stop
Today's Price: $6.70 / Each