Manitowoc Brands

Several of the leading brands are owned by the same parent company, a name well known whether driving through a big city when you see their name on the side of a high rise construction crane, or if you know about some of the highest quality, best value equipment in the foodservice industry.

While Manitowoc has owned the crane and ice maker divisions for a number of years, their 2008 acquisition of the Enodis Brands for $2.7 billion made them a leader in the foodservice industry for most major equipment types.

Manitowoc Foodservice consists of the following brands:

Delfield Refrigeration

Cleveland Kettle & Steamers

Dean Fryers

Frymaster Fryers

Lincoln Ovens

Jackson Warewashing

Manitowoc Ice

Garland Ranges

Manitowoc Foodservice is an Energy Star Partner of the Year in 2011 and has won multiple best in class awards for the eleventh consecutive year. Browse around if you already know what you need, or use the convenient question forms at the bottom of every page and allow our veteran foodservice professionals and design engineers to assist you in selecting the very best valued equipment for your specific needs.