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Business cash advance

Do you need money for inventory, cash flow, expansion, overdue payments, advertising or for the purchase of equipment from HotelRestaurantSupply.Com?

Charge Card Funding is here to help your business funding needs. Charge Card Funding LLC provides business owners with working capital in the form of a business cash advance in as little as 72 hours and provides a hassle-free alternative to borrowing from banks.We offer a unique kind of unsecured business financing to restaurants, retail, service, legal, medical, franchise, online, and many other types of businesses that need working capital.

Charge Card Funding provides a smart way for small to mid-size companies to obtain working capital funding to meet the challenges of running your company. A Business Cash Advance is the purchase of future credit card receivables; it is not a loan. For many entrepreneurs, this form of financing provides many benefits that are not available from traditional lenders like banks.

Benefits Include:
Up to $500,000 unsecured cash No stressful fixed payment schedule
No personal guarantee Flexible - automated payback
Poor credit is not a barrier Typically receive funds within 3-5 days
No collateral required No tax returns required

Charge Card Funding will advance your business from $500 - $500,000 today in exchange for a percentage of your future Visa/MasterCard/AMEX sales which will be collected over a 4 to 12 month period in the future. The merchant cash advance is a critical business financing tool that is often overlooked. CCF's cash advance allows the business owner to get a large sum of cash now, without incurring any additional debt. The reason is simple: it is not a loan. Why go through the long drawn out process of applying for a bank loan just to be turned down when you can get the funding you need fast and easy.

Just fill out he application and press submit and someone will be back to you immediately. Don't forget, you can use the money you receive to purchase from that critical piece of equipment you need to start increasing your profitability immediately.

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